Supporting your baby's milestones, naturally

Providing complete nourishment for tiny explorers ensuring happy tummies and bright smiles”

Alpha Baby Formula

The best nutrition option for infants

Easy Digestion

No discomfort or difficulties in nutrients absorption.

Neurological Development

For good brain functioning

Immune Boosting

Giving you a healthy child

Who We Are

At Alpha Plus

We work with parents, care takers and healthcare professionals
to educate about early life nutrition through advice and support, as well as products and services.

What Do We Do?

We understand that every baby progresses at their own pace, which is why we are committed to ongoing research to offer products that are tailored to each unique life stage.

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We have a variety of products for the development of your child

Why Us?

Quality Products

Our products are specially formulated with a balance of key ingredients to support babies and toddlers at all ages. We have stage-specific products that are suitable as a breast milk substitute, for mixed feeding or when your child’s dietary intake is inadequate.

What They Say

Clients Testimonials

We know how important customer experience is for a business, and therefore, we strive to make your company excel in this.

I hit the jackpot with Alpha Baby Formula. It closely resembles breast milk, aids digestion, and supports a healthy immune system. So grateful for this amazing product!

Kate Marwa

Kate Marwa

Foster Mom

Since switching to Alpha Baby Formula, our baby’s happiness and well-being have skyrocketed. It’s a lifesaver for both our baby and us as parents!

Anna Jonson

Anna Jonson

Stay at home mum

Thank you, Alpha Baby Formula, for creating such a fantastic product. It mixes easily, has a smooth texture, and my baby loves the taste!

Natalie Tewa

Natalie Tewa

New Mum

Alpha Baby Formula is a game-changer! My little one loves it, and I can see the positive impact on their health and development. Highly recommended!

Megan Asmah

Megan Asmah

Paediatric Nurse
Quality Control


For years, we have been at the forefront of research in infant nutrition and our pioneering efforts continue today. At the heart of our work is our commitment to stand by mums, dads and caregivers to nurture new lives through science-driven research and development, as well as quality manufacturing.

Alpha Plus Baby Formula

Alpha Plus is available in powder and ready-to-feed varieties, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs. It is also affordable, making it a great value for your money.

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