Dedicated to healthy nutrition for infants

Alpha Plus is strengthened with all the vitamins needed for the development of babies.

Produced and tested to give results

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We are proud to nutritionally support mothers and their children from pre-conception to toddlerhood with our range of trusted products, 

Immune support & brain development

Contains Vitamins D and E which ensure bone mineralization, eye and brain development and antioxidant protection.

Recommended calcium intake

Adequate calcium intake during childhood reduces the risk of osteoporosis in later adulthood.

Provides enough iron

Iron requirements are met by formula milk to protect the infant from iron deficiency anaemia.

Quality infant product

Alpha Plus is produced under strict microbiological controls and an in-process control system.

Qualityis our commitment

Alpha Plus is strengthened with all the vitamins needed for the development of babies from birth to 12 months.

Our products are specially formulated with a balance of key ingredients to support babies and toddlers at all ages. We have stage-specific products that are suitable as a breast milk substitute, for mixed feeding or when your child’s dietary intake is inadequate.

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Our Products

As experts in Early Life Nutrition, AlphaPlus Industrial, is committed to supporting you when making feeding choices for your baby or young child.


Alpha Plus Infant Formula 1

Contains calories, proteins, vitamins, fats & minerals needed for the development of a healthy baby.


Alpha Plus Infant Formula 2

Formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of weaning babies 6 months and older.

alpha plus 3 growing up milk

Alpha Plus 3 Growing-Up Milk

As The Child Develops Between 1 And 3 Years Of Age, Alpha Plus 3 Ensures Complete Nutrients For The Growing Child.

lactose free

Alpha Plus Lactose Free

Supplying complete nutrition suffering from congenital lactose intolerance and diarrhea.

wheat with dates

Alpha Plus Cereal Wheat With Dates

Easy to digest delicious range of fortified cereals. A great way to introduce solid food during weaning.

cereal wheat

Alpha Plus Cereal Wheat

Added fibre to support the growth of your child, its enriched with zinc, calcium, vitamins amongst others nutritional supplements.

ar infant milk

Alpha Plus AR Infant Milk

Specifically moderated to real with moderate regurgitation of infants meeting the nutritional needs of your child.


Alpha Plus Optimum

Boosting health and well being of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

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Those who have used our product have experienced great results in their baby's health.

Natasha Likimani

New mother
I have seen an improvement in my baby's health for the past one year.

Lauren Anderson

We highly recommend this product as it offers a great nutritional value