Alpha Plus Infant Formula 1

Alpha Plus Is Strengthened With All The Vitamins Needed For The Development Of Babies From Birth To 6 Months.
Made of a unique blend of best quality ingredients, it has a similar composition to breast milk with special nutritional requirements.

Contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (DHA, EPA, and ARA), iron and alpha-lactalbumin ensuring optimal growth.

This provides calories, proteins, vitamins, fats, and minerals needed for the physical development of healthy babies who breastfeeding is not possible.

Alpha Plus Infant Formula 2

Formulated To Meet All The Nutritional Needs Of Weaning Babies 6 Months And Older.
This is a closely controlled scientifically adapted formula of similar composition to that of breast milk. Its adapted as a follow-on milk allowing well tolerated switch over and minimal disturbance to the baby.

Enriched with vitamins, fibre, minerals, proteins and calories needed for healthy debvelopment of a baby.

Alpha Plus Infant Formula 3

As The Child Develops Between 1 And 3 Years Of Age, Alpha Plus 3 Ensures Complete Nutrients For The Growing Child.
In years 1 – 3 during child’s growth, the child’s neuromuscular system matures and completes their dental and intestinal development permitting them to chew solid food. Amount of food becomes irregular and changes in eating pattern is experienced as the toddlers explores and in turn may loose interest in eating. Alpha Plus 3 Growing-Up Milk ensures the child receives complete nutrients and stimulates their appetite.

Alpha Plus 3 Growing-Up Milk is preferred to cow’s milk as cow’s milk is too rich in saturated fat, lacks iron and essential fatty acids and vitamins and iron deficiency in it is considered the main cause of malnutrition in children aged 1 – 3 years. Alpha Plus 3 Growing-Up Milk is adequate in DHA, AA, alpha-lactalbumin, iron, minerals with added fibre, zinc. calcium, vitamins B, D, A and C and three cups of Alpha Plus 3 Growing-Up Milk allows the child to experiment with solid food at the same time giving them the required nutritional requirements.

Alpha Plus AR Infant Milk

This Is A Nourishing Substitute Formulated Specifically To Deal With Regurgitation Of Infants
Enriched with nucleotides helping reduce the risk of infant diarrhea and boost immunity. It provides all nutrients for babies of ages 0 – 12 needed for their healthy growth.

It contains locust bean gum and rice starch thickening the formula resulting in a decrease in the number of regurgitation occurrences.

Alpha Plus Lactose Free

A Nourishing Substitute Meeting All The Nutritional Needs Of The Baby From Birth Onwards
This lactose free infant milk supplies complete nutrition for infants suffering from diarrhea and congenital lactose intolerance.

While all quality adherence is ensured in its production, its an advanced formula containing nucleotides boosting immunity.

Enriched with DHA, AA, probiotics, oligosaccharides and nucleotides.

Alpha Plus Cereal Wheat With Dates

A Great Way To Introduce Solid Foods During Weaning And Well Into Toddlerhood Is This Amazing Baby Meal.
This is a wide range of fortified baby cereals enriched with AA, DHA, prebiotics, vitamin, fibre, calcium and zinc to support the healthy growth of your child. Add milk or water to create a nutritious and creamy meal.

Alpha Plus Cereal Wheat

This Easy To Digest Baby Cereal Wheat Are Enriched With Nutritional Elements To Support Healthy Growth Of Babies.
They contain vitamins, iron, DHA, AA, prebiotics, added fiber, zinc, calcium, to support the growth of your child. Simply add water or milk to create a creamy meal.

Alpha Plus Optimum

Nutritional Supplement Through All Of Pregnancy, Post Natal And Breast Feeding.
Formulated for breastfeeding mothers, it provides a rich source of protein and calcium necessary for the health of the mother and baby.

Contains amino acids essential for foetus and infant’s growth. Calcium composition is also vital for a healthy and strong skeletal structure for the baby and the mother.

Enriched in 26 essential minerals and vitamins and rich in sources of iron and vitamin B12 helping in the prevention of anaemia. Folic acid help in foetus growth at the onset of pregnancy while folic acid is essential for the development of the nerve tissue of the embryo.

Also contains GOS( galacto-oligosaccharides), a soluble fibre that stimulates the development of intestinal flora helping intestinal transit.

Alpha Plus Baby Formula

Alpha Plus is available in powder and ready-to-feed varieties, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs. It is also affordable, making it a great value for your money.

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